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68 Marvelous Movies (Cola Scented) Scratch and Sniff Stickers

Free uk p&p £2.99
Kids will love these fun, bright colourful Cola scented stickers, perfect for any occasion. Scratch and sniff them for a burst of fragrance! popular as rewards, incentives and more. Approx 68 sccented stickers per pack.

Fun and fancy stickers for any occasion, any time of the year. Scratch and sniff them for a burst of a smelly Cola fragrance. Child friendly, acid-free and nontoxic and also safe for use on photos. Stinky Stickers are popular as rewards, incentives, and collectibles. 68 Cola scented, fun shaped stickers per pack. 12 cinema / film related designs, 4 sheets per pack. Stickers vary in size from 35mm x45mm to 20mm x 25mm. Great as children's reward or incentive stickers at home or in school.